Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Invisalign Treatment

With the growth of technology, one can get a beautiful set of teeth without having to suffer the limitations of traditional braces. The best benefit of using Invisalign is that it does not use any metallic parts that used to shine in traditional braces. Invisalign are barely visible and still do a pretty wonderful job of straightening the teeth. See How is Invisalign Installed.

If you are considering this treatment, then read the following points to avoid the most common mistakes:


Not Going to the Right Specialist

Only a qualified orthodontist has the ability and the skills to perform this dental treatment. They have undergone a special training and education which makes them an expert in this particular field.


Avoiding the Pre-Research

It is very important to do a little research before booking an appointment with the dentist. It will be much better for you to do prior research as, when you go to the consultation with the dentist, you will already understand what the dentist is talking about. Also, make a note of all the questions you have in your head to consult the doctor about them. You should also ask for before and after treatment photos of the work of the dentist. Then you can see for yourself the quality of the work, which is very necessary.


Removing the Aligners before the Required Time Frame

Invisalign is better in so many ways but the best part is that it can be removed whenever required. They can be removed while drinking, eating, or playing. Other than these activities, they need to be worn for the entire day. You should not skip even a day without wearing them as it may lead to shifting of the teeth and further lengthening the treatment time. Also, if a shift does occur, then new aligners will have to be made which will be an unnecessary cost.


Expecting the aligners to work immediately  

There are several reasons to like the Invisalign over the other dental treatments. However, do not expect the results to happen overnight. The time usually required for the teeth to straighten is from six to twelve months. There is a possibility that you may see a good improvement before the given time. But do not stop wearing the aligners before having a consultation about it with your orthodontist.

If you have not already read it, please do go through: “Reasons to use Invisalign”

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How Does Invisalign Work

When you want to achieve straighter teeth but don’t want those ugly metal brackets and wires showing and the discomfort that goes along with traditional braces, Invisalign can help.

Invisalign aligners are custom-made, nearly invisible aligners to correct the alignment of your teeth. This type of aligners doesn’t use metal wires or brackets; instead, it uses medical-grade polyurethane resin trays that gradually shift your teeth to its target position. Each tray is manufactured to be slightly straighter than the previous tray. Every two weeks, you’ll receive a new set. Each tray slowly moves the teeth up to 0.25mm per tray.

Invisalign Treatment Timeline

The average treatment time for adults is 12 months. But this depends on the severity of the case of the individual. For teens, the average treatment time also varies. Your doctor will work with you to develop a treatment plan for your needs. Read more about Invisalign adults and How much does invisalign cost.


Invisalign is a great alternative to metal braces, but it still has its limitations. There are cases where braces work better than Invisalign. In general, Invisalign is only geared towards moderate cases and it cannot be an effective solution for severe conditions that would need advanced orthodontic procedures to treat it.

Generally, Invisalign can treat the following:

  • Mild overbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth

During your initial consultation, we’ll be able to tell if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. If you are the right candidate, we’ll take detailed records of your teeth including:

  • Digital x-rays
  • Digital scan of your teeth
  • Photographs of your teeth and face

We will send these data to the lab along with detailed instructions on how your teeth should be moved. Our in-house dentists will use advanced 3D computer imaging technology to develop a treatment plan for you. We believe that highly-skilled orthodontists are essential to the success of this treatment. It will take around 4 to 5 weeks to complete. Once the trays arrive at our office, we’re ready to start straightening your teeth.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • You can remove your aligners when you eat or drink. You won’t have any restrictions to food, unlike metal braces.
  • Invisalign is almost transparent, which means it is a perfect choice for people who don’t want to have metal brackets showing when you smile.
  • Brushing and flossing are easier because you can remove these aligners. This makes it easier to keep your teeth and gums clean.
  • You can remove the aligners temporarily when taking photos, participating in sports, or any other special occasion.
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5 Reasons Patients Choose Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a great way of straightening the teeth of the patient invisibly and subtly. This is the primary reason why it is chosen above the other orthodontic treatments. However, the invisible nature of Invisalign is not only the factor that makes it most popular among the other treatments.

When patients who have undergone this treatment were asked about it, they mentioned these five given reasons:


Nobody can deny the fact that Invisalign is much more comfortable to wear than the traditional metal braces.  Metal braces get rubbed with the cheeks and the lips that often causes sores and can even scrape of the mouth’s surface.

Several remedies are good to solve this issue. Dental wax can be used to cushion it from the mouth’s tissues or you can have a painkiller if there is a lot of discomforts. Although, it is much better if it doesn’t happen in the first place. Invisalign does not have the metallic wires that can scrape off the mouth. Discover more about what is involved with the Invisalign Aligners.


As mentioned above, most of the patients prefer this treatment because it is not visible to the eyes. Patients are often made fun of for wearing the metal braces on the teeth. Using the Invisalign makes it harder for people to tell if something is worn on the teeth. Hence, you can get rid of the unappealing traditional metallic braces.

No Eating Issues

You have to be more conscious of eating while wearing the metallic braces as there is always a chance of them breaking or causing pain. You get limited to eat soft-textured foods. These restrictions annoy people like they are being punished.

With the use of Invisalign, there is no such issue and you can eat whatever you want. These aligners can be removed instantly and you can eat anything and wear them back after cleaning the teeth.

Stay in Sports

Most of the people who are active in sports avoid the much needed orthodontic treatment. There is always some acquaintance we know that got their mouth ripped while playing a sport because of them wearing the metallic braces.

Wearing Invisalign is a great option as you can keep them aside in their case while playing on the field. Because of this comfortability, you can participate in more games without any issues.

Have a Better Oral Hygiene

People who use traditional braces do not like them as they need to be cleaned, which  is a great task in itself. Due to the braces, more food particles get stuck in the teeth which with time turns into the cavities. When the braces are removed, there are chances of teeth accumulating plaque, stains, and even the possibility of gingivitis arises.

With the use of Invisalign, no such problem is there as they can be removed whenever required. Also, no special brushes are required to clean them. You can just brush naturally with them.

There are several other reasons why they are preferred over traditional braces. Invisalign is a great option to save yourself from the embarrassment of wearing metallic braces. Also, if you hate spending time on maintenance, Invisalign is a good choice because it does not require much maintenance.

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Importance of Wearing Your Elastics for Braces

Wearing rubber bands is a critical part of your Orthodontic treatment. If it wasn’t, the doctor would not be asking you to wear them 24 hours of the day. Listed below are a few major reasons you need to wear your bands.

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What is the purpose of rubber bands on braces?

Rubber bands are used for people who generally have an over or under bite that needs correcting in order for the bite to fit together well. If you are not wearing your bands well this could potentially extend your treatment time.

Will wearing rubber bands hurt?

Starting your rubber bands will be a new adjustment for your teeth and jaw. You may become a bit sore for a few days but if you take them off to “give your mouth a break,” this may just continue the discomfort. Remember the more you wear them the more you will get used to them.

How often should you need to wear them?

Braces Elastics You need to wear your rubber bands 24/7 unless instructed differently by the doctor. The only reasons you should be taking the rubber bands out is to eat if you are unable to eat with them on, brushing and flossing your teeth and putting a new set on.

If you lose your bands it’s no problem! All you need to do is come into the office immediately for a new pack. The longer you go without them, the longer you will be in treatment for. Make sure you are using the correct bands. Borrowing a friend’s or improvising with your own could negatively hurt treatment if they are not the correct set.

If you have any further questions regarding your bands, you can contact the office of orthodontist T.C. Hardy in Fort Collins at (970) 344-4295 or This is a team effort, we will do our part to make sure you have a perfect bite, beautiful smile and are happy with the outcome of your treatment. All we need you to do is wear your rubber bands!

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How To Inconspicuously Straighten Your Teeth

At Taft Hill Orthodontists, we can use innovative techniques and technology to make traditional orthodontics look more discrete and speed up the duration of the treatment time. However, when it comes to inconspicuous orthodontic methods, many patients believe Invisalign® is the clear winner. Using a system of removable plastic aligners, Invisalign® can effectively straighten your teeth in a manner that is virtually undetectable to others.

In addition to the cosmetic advantages during treatment, Invisalign® has a number of other benefits. Since the clear plastic aligners are removable, cleaning your teeth, orthodontic maintenance, and eating are simplified. The Invisalign® treatment also typically requires fewer visits to the dentist’s office than metal braces. Many patients report that the aligners are fairly comfortable to wear and do not require the initial adjustment period that patients who choose traditional orthodontics often find unpleasant. Though not every patient will be an ideal candidate for Invisalign®, the treatment can be an effective option for most people, including teenagers. During the consultation process, we will use a physical exam to help determine if Invisalign® is the best method for you to achieve straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

-Dr. T.C. Hardy
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