What are TADS?

Temporary anchorage devices, or TADS, are put in place by your orthodontist to anchor mini implants and other appliances. TAD orthodontics are used in certain cases to move teeth into a straighter position when braces alone are not enough to do the job, leading to a much more efficient orthodontic treatment. The titanium, screw-like device can be combined with braces, or it can be used as a possible alternative to headgear for some patients. TADs help the orthodontist to apply just the right amount of pressure in the right direction to move teeth into the desired position.

How TADS Work

A TAD is used in situations where a solid anchor is required to achieve proper teeth movement and can also be used for patients who are missing permanent teeth. TADS are anchored to the jawbone and usually remain in place until removed by the orthodontist. Before surgery, you’ll meet with a maxillofacial surgeon, who will work in tandem with your orthodontist to achieve the best possible result. The surgery is performed in the oral surgeon’s office using a general anesthetic. Any post-operative discomfort can be handled with an over the counter pain medication, and patients can resume normal activities the same day.

Why Taft Hill Orthodontics?

The team at Taft Hill Orthodontics is friendly and helpful, and we’d love to help you smile! We offer affordable pricing and will happily work with you and your budget. Dr. T.C. Hardy is an orthodontist in Fort Collins, CO that specializes in both traditional and ceramic braces, along with offering his patients advanced alternatives to traditional orthodontics. Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Hardy is the recipient of The Everett Shapiro Award in Orthodontics, as well as the Dr. Harold Berk Endowed Prize Fund for Excellence in Research. Dr. Hardy is an active member of several industry organizations, has published and presented his research both nationally and internationally, and is very involved in his local community.

If you don’t currently have an orthodontist and are searching for an experienced, caring team to help you perfect your smile, give our office a call at (970) 344-4295 or complete a free online consultation from the convenience of your own home.

July 29, 2019
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