What is a good age for a child to get braces?

When people think about the age limit for braces and when they should start investing in their child’s first set, they often picture a young teen. However, once a child’s permanent teeth start coming in, around age 7 or 8, an appointment with an orthodontist is an excellent idea. While that may seem young, early orthodontic treatment is good for growing children in many ways.

Our Fort Collins office offers various options for braces aside from the traditional metal such as our hidden braces, and we do this for all ages including adults. If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services, contact us today at info@tafthillortho.com.

Make Plans

If your child does need braces, getting a treatment plan in place early makes the process easier. It helps kids know what they can expect, and for parents, knowing the steps prepares them to work with the orthodontist. When treatment starts at the best time for the child, the process is simpler and more effective.

Prevent Complications

With early awareness of issues, your orthodontist can take preventative measures. When permanent teeth are crowded as they come in, it causes extra problems. Not enough space can damage teeth or their roots. Sometimes, because of these complications, adult teeth even must be pulled. Early orthodontic care reduces this risk. It is always easier to prevent problems than to fix them. That’s why the braces age limit is earlier than you think!

Monitor Development

Orthodontists care for more than just the teeth. The bones of the face and jaw are also important for a healthy bite. Expert attention to the growth and development of the entire structure is vital. An orthodontist can spot a need for early intervention, preventing more issues down the road.

Establish A Comfortable Relationship

Getting to know their orthodontist early helps reduce kids’ fears over time. If your child needs braces, it eases tension to spend some time with a friendly orthodontist before treatment begins. Braces don’t need to be scary.

If you’re thinking it might be time for braces for your children, contact us at (970) 344-4295 to set up an appointment. Dr. T.C. Hardy and the expert team at Taft Orthodontics in Fort Collins are ready to give your child the best experience and a beautiful smile.

April 8, 2019
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