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Dr. Peterson

Dr. Peterson is an East Coast transplant, having grown up in Vermont, who completed her four years of dental training at the University of Minnesota. Building on that knowledge, Dr. Peterson pursued specialized orthodontic training at the University of Iowa. After graduating in 2022, she has been practicing in Colorado ever since. With a passion for creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Peterson combines expertise with a commitment to patient care. Outside the clinic, you’ll find Dr. Peterson embracing the great outdoors through trail running, skiing, canoeing, camping, hiking, and most recently, gravel biking (still learning!).

An avid baker in leisure, Dr. Peterson brings precision not only to orthodontics but also to the art of crafting delicious treats. Having a blend of professional expertise and a zest for life, Dr. Peterson is not just your orthodontic associate, but a friendly face in the community who understands the importance of both a confident smile and a vibrant, active life.


My name is Kaylie, born and raised here in Colorado. I am a big fan of the Denver Broncos and in my free time I love to do anything outdoors such as hiking, going to the lake, camping, golfing or even just taking a drive into the mountains.

I work the front desk taking calls, making patient appointments, taking care of all insurance and payments and running our social media. Because of this we will run into each other a lot! I find orthodontics to be very fun and interesting, its fun to see everyone’s progress!


Hola, my name is Georgina but please feel free to call me Gigi. I was born in Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico. I love Colorado summers, I like the outdoors and I like to go and see what Mother Nature offers by just going for a drive or exploring its mountains, cities and breweries, and when indoors I like to bake, cook and watch tv.

I am the Treatment Coordinator here at Taft Hill Orthodontics. It is my job to help you through the initial consultation as well go over treatment options with you and/or your family to determine what fits your needs best. You will see me all around the office, I am so proud to be a part of Taft Hill Orthodontics and by the end I will make sure you are too!


Hi, My name is Santa! Yes, like Santa Claus, but my full name is actually Santa Fuentes. I was born in Durango, Mexico. I obtained my Dental Assisting certificate at Colorado School of Dental Assisting. I love working with people of all ages. I love seeing the beginning and the end results with orthodontic treatment and the amazing transitions our patients go through with their smiles! When I am not adjusting braces, I am spending as much time as I can with my children!


Chris has been with Dr Hardy and the Taft Hill team for 3 years, and loves being able to help kids, adults, and families figure out the first steps in their ortho treatment. He lives with his lovely wife, two dogs, and two cats. He came to Colorado from Sacramento 15 years ago and loves to make the most of the Colorado outdoors. His favorite hike last year was probably Bison Peak in the Lost Creek Wilderness area, and he’s also been enjoying rafting and archery. Catch him at home, though, and he might be playing guitar or butchering the bass.

Maria L.

Hi My name is Maria and this my first year as treatment coordinator. What I enjoy about my job is the human interaction and helping others achieve their goals.


Brittanie is an orthodontic assistant who brings smiles to faces both professionally and through a love for cooking, baking, and fishing in the mountains. As a parent of two and the owner of BnMe, a local business, Brittanie thrives in their hometown, deeply rooted in both community and family.

Edna C

Ive been in the dental field for 5yrs now and an ortho assistant for 2years. During the summer I like to go hiking with my dogs, spending time with family and going to the movies.


I grew up in Wyoming and have been in fort collins for about 2years now and have been in the dental field 2yrs also. I love baking and spending time with my children.


Hi, my name is Elizabeth Franco. I am a dedicated individual with a passion for family, community, and professional excellence. With six years of experience alongside Dr. Hardy, I’ve honed my skills and knowledge in orthodontics. Originally hailing from the Lone Star State, Texas, I made the leap to Colorado a decade ago in pursuit of new opportunities and experiences. It’s been a journey filled with growth, challenges, and cherished memories. Beyond the confines of the workplace, my heart belongs to my two beautiful children, who inspire me daily to strive for the best in all aspects of life. Family time is sacred to me, and I cherish every moment spent creating memories with my loved ones.


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