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Adults and teenagers alike often want to avoid orthodontic treatment because they believe traditional metal braces are unattractive, distracting, or can make them look childish. Lingual braces can achieve the same effects as traditional orthodontics in a manner that is inconspicuous and undetectable. By discreetly attaching the braces to the back of the teeth instead of the front, Dr. T.C. Hardy is the orthodontist in Fort Collins, CO that can help you achieve straight, healthy, and beautiful-looking teeth.

Benefits of Lingual (Hidden) Braces

To effectively straighten your teeth, you no longer need to spend long periods of your life with metal braces overwhelming your smile. The benefits of lingual braces can include:

  • Correction of long-term or lifetime dental issues
  • Less noticeable orthodontic treatment
  • Good orthodontic treatment for athletes and musicians who play wind instruments
  • Increased confidence during treatment compared to traditional methods
  • Elevated self-esteem after treatment

We Proudly Offer INbrace Lingual Braces

Hidden Braces


What Can I Expect?

Like traditional braces, lingual braces use brackets and wires to gently reposition your teeth. However, these brackets are bonded to the back of the teeth so they are invisible when you are speaking, eating, or smiling. After an initial consultation and evaluation at Taft Hill Orthodontics, Dr. Hardy can determine if lingual braces are the best method for straightening your teeth.

Once Dr. Hardy has determined that you are an ideal candidate for lingual braces, he will take impressions of your teeth that are then sent to a lab for custom-made brackets and wires. The braces will then be bonded behind your teeth for effective but discreet treatment. Periodic office visits give Dr. Hardy an opportunity to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to optimize your final results.

Why Should I Choose Dr. T.C. Hardy?

Finding a skilled and reputable orthodontist can be one of the most vital aspects of seeking orthodontic care. General dentists may offer orthodontic services, but only an orthodontic office specializes in orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists spend an additional 2-3 years training in a specialized orthodontic residency program. Typically, orthodontists have the experience and expertise to deliver results that can meet your expectations. Dr. Hardy specialized in orthodontics at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and focused his studies on misaligned teeth, jaw disorders, and adjusting occlusion.

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