What is the Definition of Amalgam?


Tooth deterioration sometimes necessitates the use of amalgam and silver fillings to repair gaps and holes in teeth. The amalgam may include liquid mercury, powdered alloy, and even silver, tin, and copper.. Dental amalgam is often used to repair decaying teeth due to its versatility in shaping.

Is Amalgam Safe in Dentistry?

Dental amalgam is completely safe. Despite the controversy surrounding dental amalgam, the FDA has determined that Amalgam fillings are safe for use in both adults and children older than six years of age.

Why is Mercury Used in Amalgam?

Amalgam is a strong, solid filler made from metal bits held together by mercury. Mercury is an essential component of amalgam fillings, and its special qualities make dental restorations survive longer. Amalgam fillings include a powdered combination of tin, copper, and silver that makes up around half of the mercury.

Are There Alternatives To Amalgam?

In addition, dentists may also use porcelain, composite resin, glass ionomer, and resin ionomer to repair teeth.

What is more to Know About Cavities other than Amalgam?

Filling cavities using materials like porcelain, composite, and others is an option besides Amalgam.


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July 7, 2022
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