Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Invisalign Treatment

With the growth of technology, one can get a beautiful set of teeth without having to suffer the limitations of traditional braces. The best benefit of using Invisalign is that it does not use any metallic parts that used to shine in traditional braces. Invisalign are barely visible and still do a pretty wonderful job of straightening the teeth. See How is Invisalign Installed.

If you are considering this treatment, then read the following points to avoid the most common mistakes:


Not Going to the Right Specialist

Only a qualified orthodontist has the ability and the skills to perform this dental treatment. They have undergone a special training and education which makes them an expert in this particular field.


Avoiding the Pre-Research

It is very important to do a little research before booking an appointment with the dentist. It will be much better for you to do prior research as, when you go to the consultation with the dentist, you will already understand what the dentist is talking about. Also, make a note of all the questions you have in your head to consult the doctor about them. You should also ask for before and after treatment photos of the work of the dentist. Then you can see for yourself the quality of the work, which is very necessary.


Removing the Aligners before the Required Time Frame

Invisalign is better in so many ways but the best part is that it can be removed whenever required. They can be removed while drinking, eating, or playing. Other than these activities, they need to be worn for the entire day. You should not skip even a day without wearing them as it may lead to shifting of the teeth and further lengthening the treatment time. Also, if a shift does occur, then new aligners will have to be made which will be an unnecessary cost.


Expecting the aligners to work immediately  

There are several reasons to like the Invisalign over the other dental treatments. However, do not expect the results to happen overnight. The time usually required for the teeth to straighten is from six to twelve months. There is a possibility that you may see a good improvement before the given time. But do not stop wearing the aligners before having a consultation about it with your orthodontist.

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July 21, 2023
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